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Page updated August 2015

I help you control your website costs, with a website that you can control.

The websites and blog designs that I install are contemporary and also responsive, so they are easy to use on a mobile device. This not only helps your visitors, but helps you to remain visible in Google searches as it gives higher rankings to those sites that work well on hand-helds.

To get your message across on the Internet and ensure that you keep control of your costs, my website services include transferring an existing site or installing a new one on WordPress for you, which is a free, flexible and very fast system. The website or blog is customized to suit your business or organisation, and your website visitors.  On completion, you have full control of your website or blog so you are free to manage it yourself or engage whoever you wish. You don’t need to be a techie or a programmer to use it – if you can use email and word processors, you can use WordPress. However, I can give one-off or regular training support to help you if you are flummoxed.

For details of my website services based on WordPress, read the outline below, and contact me, Alec Scaresbrook, without obligation.   I give a personal service and will explain exactly what’s involved and what the costs will be.  See pricing and procedures.

Website services – details

Below, I’ve listed the type of work I concentrate on. You can choose the particular elements you need, or if what you want is not shown, please contact me and ask, without obligation.

  • Setting up your WordPress website or blog from scratch, with static pages for information, and posts for your news items, with the option of comments from visitors. Also maps/routes, images, video clips and an email contact form
  • Transferring your existing site that you cannot access or edit to an editable WordPress system
  • Moving your current WordPress system to another domain
  • Installing WordPress on an independent hosting service to help you to control costs
  • Changing WordPress designs (by changing WordPress style sheets)
  • Updating WordPress versions (while ensuring no loss of data)
  • Preventing automatic email spam (by including a captcha code)
  • Writing WordPress plug-ins (i.e. computer coding to achieve a specific add-on function to the website)
  • Ensuring your site works properly on major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari)
  • Ensuring your website’s visibility to search engines, and enabling you to use search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Ensuring web standards (which ensures a site that is quick to view and gives accessibility for all users)
  • Complying with the new cookie/privacy laws
  • Adding Google Analytics so you can analyse visits to your site
  • Monetising your website with Adsense and affiliate links
  • Adding a PayPal button
  • Training you to edit/manage your website.


  • Content writing and proof-reading
  • Web content evaluations from the visitor perspective.

For details of my website services, contact me, Alec Scaresbrook, without obligation.

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Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is free, provides a wide range of templates with a variety of looks, and is suitable for organisations and individuals for websites and blogs.
  • The biggest plus of WordPress from your point of view is that you’ll know exactly what the website will be like before starting the project.
  • WordPress is well supported with apps for mobile devices –  for on-the-go blogging and webpage editing.
  • It is cost-effective to install as it is relatively easy to set up (by someone with the right skills, experience and persistence), and once that is done, it is easy to add/edit content as required. You don’t need to be a computer programmer to do this.
  • A Google high-quality score can be maintained, so that the site can achieve high search engine ranking, along with reduced costs of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
  • The software itself is in constant development by WordPress, with frequent updates, ensuring that it keeps up with the latest Internet technology and security.
  • It is cost-effective to maintain.
  • It’s popular for a reason.  It works.  It’s estimated that there are some 60 million websites using WordPress with popularity increasing daily.

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Why use Alec Scaresbrook’s website services?

Not only are the sites I create owner-friendly, they are visitor friendly too, with a clear message and navigation.

When working with you, I communicate frequently with updates on progress, and ensure I meet your deadlines. Based in Congleton, Cheshire, I work with local clients and those further afield. Since contact is mainly via phone and email, location is not critical.

Testimonial (2015): Martin Byrne, Director of Business Protect – Personal protection for business people said “I’ve used Alec to update my website and make some changes. He has been excellent value in every respect. Advice, delivery and cost and I’ll be using him on an ongoing basis.”

My skills, experience, achievements include:

  • A lifetime of working in business-to-business and customer service fields
  • Training experience (1:1 and groups)
  • Webmaster for my own business sites/blogs
  • Webmaster for Congleton Cycling Campaign
  • PHP Innovation Award from PHP Classes Repository for Spam Blocker.

For details of my website services, contact me, Alec Scaresbrook, without obligation.

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For websites that you can control and edit – either transferred or set up from scratch.